How to Keep Your Employees on Track with Their Goals

While setting goals for a department or a shift is a big part of a manager’s job, it’s also important for a manager to help employees achieve their own individual performance goals. Newer employees may want to hit certain performance metrics to prove themselves. Veteran employees may be looking to turn heads ahead of the… Read more »

Assessing Your 2020 Goals

At the outset of a new year, many companies lay out goals that they’d like to achieve over the course of the next 12 months.    If your company did that to kick off 2020, December is a great time to look back and assess your progress toward those stated goals. Even if your company didn’t… Read more »

6 Tips to Giving Effective Performance Reviews

For most employees, the annual performance review with the boss is the most nerve-racking work discussion they’ll have all year. It’s stressful for supervisors too, as they have to stand in judgment of another person.   Your performance review process should include more than just a yearly chat. Ideally, you’re providing real-time feedback to your employee(s) that you’ve established a good, strong relationship with throughout the year. In… Read more »

10 Essential Soft Skills All Successful Leaders Need

Most non-leadership roles are based on technical ability, while leadership jobs typically revolve around interpersonal skills, such as negotiation and the ability to lead others.   So-called “soft skills” are essential for success in leadership, and below is a short list of soft skills you’ll need if you want to be an effective leader.  1) Community… Read more »

5 Reasons to Offer Flexible Scheduling

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing trend toward flexible scheduling – an employee’s ability to modify their work schedule as they see fit or work remotely over the internet.  Rather than being locked into the classic 9-to-5, on-premises workday, people with flexible schedules can break up their workday into different blocks of hours, work on… Read more »

The Importance of PPE In & Out of the Workplace

People working in healthcare, manufacturing, and many other industries wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as routine. Still, thanks to COVID-19, workers in other industries must now wear PPE if their work environment involves coming in contact with other people.  Many states have mandatory mask policies in place, which means this particular type of PPE must be worn in public… Read more »

How Can a Recruiter Help Me Find a Construction Job?

Finding any old job in construction isn’t too difficult if you simply apply yourself; however, not all jobs are created equal.  When you work with a recruiter to find a construction job, you significantly increase your chances of finding a position that suits your short-term, long-term, career and personal needs. If you’re skeptical that a… Read more »

Looking for New Day Laborers? Here’s How to Find Them

When a project needs a little bit of extra manpower, day laborers can provide an essential boost that can get a project done on–time and under budget.  Employers recruit day laborers to perform many different tasks, typically involving general labor. Day laborers may have a reputation for being unskilled workers; however, there are many day laborers with trade skills like carpentry… Read more »

10 Reasons Construction Workers Are the Happiest Employees

Often involving physical labor and difficult conditions, construction work isn’t easy – and yet a survey by the HR software company TINYpulse found construction workers are among the happiest professionals.  Perhaps this may not come as a shock if you understand why construction workers are so happy. Below are ten reasons given by construction workers when asked… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Morale for Your Day Laborers

Not having any significant ties to their employer, day laborers can be a tricky bunch to motivate.   Of course, every employee is motivated by their paycheck, but that motivation will only go so far. If money is a day laborer’s only motivation, they will only work hard enough to not get fired.    If you want… Read more »