How to Keep Your Employees on Track with Their Goals

While setting goals for a department or a shift is a big part of a manager’s job, it’s also important for a manager to help employees achieve their own individual performance goals.

Newer employees may want to hit certain performance metrics to prove themselves. Veteran employees may be looking to turn heads ahead of the next opportunity for promotion. Regardless of the individual goals, it’s your job as a manager to support them. Below are a few suggestions on how to do that.

Establish Clear, Realistic Goals

Help your staff members understand what must be achieved collectively. Then, help them set clear, attainable individual goals. This gives them a specific focus and helps to set expectations. Individual goals can be as basic as increasing the number of units that they process to higher customer service scores. Just make sure you don’t leave any room for misunderstandings.

Motivate with a Mission

Staff members who are paid by the hour to handle a particular set of duties may not want to take on much in the way of extra work. As an incentive, pay can only get you so far.

One way to help them reach higher levels of performance is to convey how their work is making a difference in people’s lives. While reminding them of the ‘big picture’ won’t motivate them to superhuman achievements, it can give them the added motivation during busy periods and tough days.

Coach Them Along the Way

The most effective leaders are those who adopt a coaching mentality. Whether it’s explaining methods that have worked for you in the past, or talking about some of your biggest mistakes, you can help your employees avoid some of the pitfalls that set people back.

Celebrate Wins

Most managers are quick to pounce when goals aren’t reached, but it’s also important to jump at the chance to acknowledge when goals are reached. Give feedback to your staff members when they hit a milestone, making sure to mention specific details. This feedback lets your team members know you’re paying attention, and it helps to reinforce positive behaviors.

Ask for Suggestions

Get in the habit of asking staff members for suggestions on everything from office décor to department strategy. When you ask employees for ideas, and more importantly, act on them, it makes staff members feel valued and helps them focus on helping the business. All of this gives them more reasons to be enthusiastic about the job they do.

Build a Supportive Team

Team building exercises may be a cliché but do help bring people together. Employees are more likely to buy into these activities if you ask for suggestions. Regardless of the bonding activity you choose, make sure the activity focuses on building rapport and trust, not just socializing.

We Help People Reach Goals

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