How Can a Recruiter Help Me Find a Construction Job?

Finding any old job in construction isn’t too difficult if you simply apply yourself; however, not all jobs are created equal. 

When you work with a recruiter to find a construction job, you significantly increase your chances of finding a position that suits your short-term, long-term, career and personal needs. If you’re skeptical that a recruiter can truly help you find a great construction job, consider the following potential benefits. 

Long-Term Possibilities 

There’s a common misconception that the only kind of work recruiters can provide is short-term, temporary work. While that’s true to a degree, recruiters also provide opportunities for full-time employment – even though it may start out on a temporary basis. When you are a temporary employee with a company, you have a better shot at a full-time position, should one open up, than being a random applicant from off the street. 

The key is to make a good impression and do your best. If an employer realizes you’re a great asset, it will be hard to let you walk out the door. 

Even the length of a temporary assignment can be quite long; lasting for many months in some cases. While the length of an assignment is usually dictated by the amount of work available, the odds of extending an assignment increase dramatically if you demonstrate considerable value. Temporary workers who show they are efficient, friendly, and ability to learn on the job can easily make their assignment last longer than its original intended time. 

Many companies also use a temp-to-hire approach, which always leaves open the possibility of a company hiring a temp full-time. These arrangements are essentially “trial periods” which workers should treat as a type of prolonged job interview. 

Good Pay and the Possibility of Benefits 

In order to make money, staffing companies charge companies for their services and because of this added fee, it can mean that temporary employees are paid less for doing the same work as someone hired full-time. However, this doesn’t mean that a temporary job doesn’t pay well. In fact, many temporary jobs are quite well compensated. 

There is also the possibility of benefits, dependent on the staffing agency. A range of possible benefits includes 401k, medical insurance, and other benefits commonly associated with full-time employment. Because they are technically the ’employer or record’, staffing agencies tend to make the determination in this area. 

An Opportunity to Use and Learn Skills 

A lot of people think that staffing agencies only deal with basic, unskilled or entry-level jobs. While recruiters do offer many of these jobs, businesses use recruiters to fill skilled, specialized jobs. For many reasons, staffing agencies are very motivated to connect skilled workers to employers. 

Even if you don’t find “skilled” work through a recruiter, there’s always the possibility of learning skills on the job, as many companies provide on-the-job training to temporary workers. 

We Can Help You Find Well-Paying Construction Jobs 

At Nationwide Temporaries, we specialize in connecting job seekers to good opportunities in construction. Please contact us today to find out what opportunities are currently available. 



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