Looking for New Day Laborers? Here’s How to Find Them

When a project needs a little bit of extra manpower, day laborers can provide an essential boost that can get a project done ontime and under budget. 

Employers recruit day laborers to perform many different tasks, typically involving general labor. Day laborers may have a reputation for being unskilled workers; however, there are many day laborers with trade skills like carpentry and electrical abilities. The talent pool of day labor is much deeper than most people think, and smart employers understand the many different ways a day labor solution can help them. 

One of the main problems with hiring day laborers is how to find and hire them legally. This type of labor has often existed in a kind of a grey area. For instance, employers have traditionally hired day laborers literally off the street, and many people looking for this kind of work are not legal US citizens. Hiring an undocumented worker translates to all kinds of problems that employers should want to avoid. 

Therefore, it is important for employers to use the right channels for hiring day laborBelow is a short guide on how you can find and hire day laborers. 

Off the Street 

Hiring day laborers right off the street isn’t recommended. However, it would be naïve to say that it isn’t a common practice. 

When hiring off the street, make sure you are only hiring people that can prove they can work legally in the United States. The penalties for employing undocumented individuals range from fines to imprisonment. 

Employee Referrals 

One simple but effective approach to identifying day laborers is through an employee referral program. Referral programs typically reward employees who make good referrals, but a bonus might not make much financial sense in this situation. It could make more sense to offer rewards for cumulative days worked by employee referrals. 

If you’re not prepared to offer a financial incentive, consider motivating your staff by telling them day labor referrals can make their jobs easier. 


The past several years has seen the emergence of online platforms dedicated to day labor. Thanks to these platforms, employers aren’t relegated to cruising around for day laborers.  

The typical online platform requires signing up and then posting job descriptions for open positions, which should include information on compensation, location and hours. 

Day Labor Staffing Agencies 

Because of the many logistical and legal issues involved in hiring day laborers, many staffing agencies have started specializing in this type of labor solution. These companies are a one-stop-shop for day labor. They maintain a pool of readily available workers and handle all of the legal documentation issues. These companies are essentially ‘on the hook’ for ensuring that day laborers are available and legally able to work. 

We Can Be Your Day Labor Solution 

At Nationwide Temporaries, we specialize in providing this unique type of labor. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can connect your organization to a day labor solution. 



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