10 Reasons Construction Workers Are the Happiest Employees

Often involving physical labor and difficult conditions, construction work isn’t easy – and yet a survey by the HR software company TINYpulse found construction workers are among the happiest professionals. 

Perhaps this may not come as a shock if you understand why construction workers are so happy. Below are ten reasons given by construction workers when asked why they enjoy their jobs so much, and how employers can support these drivers of happiness. 

1) Great Co-Workers 

Surveys regularly show that a major reason why people quit their job is because of bad relationships with co-workers. When company prioritizes cultural fit in the hiring process, it helps to cultivate great employee relationships. 

2) Interesting Work and Projects  

If company wants to keep their employees interested and engaged in their work, it should be on the lookout for new ways to challenge themThe best companies keep employees engaged by taking and acting on suggestions. 

3) A Positive Work Environment  

Team building exercises are easy to mock, but they have a real, positive effect on the work environment. A good place to work regularly supports good vibes by building social connections among its workforce. 

4) Professional Growth 

Another major reason people quit their job is a lack of growth opportunities. In many areas, the construction industry is booming and that means plenty of opportunities. 

Employers can commit to the growth of their employees by offering them training, networking and advancement opportunities. 

5) Positive and Respectful Management  

Due to the nature of the job, construction work is very difficult to micromanage. Employers should make every effort to trust and empower their employees. 

6) Variety of Work 

Some people are happy to work the same job, day-in and day-out for years on end. But other people need variety. Employers should regularly consult with individual employees to see if anyone needs to shake up their routine. 

7) Autonomy and Freedom  

Many construction workers specialize in a certain trade or area of expertise. This expertise gives them significant autonomy in their jobs. If you can develop a specialized knowledge base, you can leverage that knowledge in independent work on various projects. 

8) The Chance to Make a Difference 

Employee surveys are increasingly showing that people want to do work that has meaning and purpose. Smart companies make an effort to show how their job connects to the bigger picture. 

9) Recognition and Appreciation  

It should go without saying that appreciated employees are happy employees. It’s important for management to connect rewards to specific behaviors and actions. Doing this lets employees know more specifically when they’re doing a good job. 

10) A Belief in the Company 

Another common reason why people quit their job is a loss of faith in the company. Through transparency, effective communication and good employee relations, companies can instill belief in their employees. 

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