5 Ways to Improve Morale for Your Day Laborers

Not having any significant ties to their employer, day laborers can be a tricky bunch to motivate.  

Of course, every employee is motivated by their paycheck, but that motivation will only go so far. If money is a day laborer’s only motivation, they will only work hard enough to not get fired.   

If you want to motivate your day labor crew, one very effective way is to keep their morale high: Happy employees are productive employees. With this in mind, consider the following five ways to boost the morale of your day laborers. 

1) Make Work Meaningful 

In a company, every role has meaning, and every person is critical to success. Just because day laborers aren’t splitting the atom doesn’t mean their jobs aren’t valuable. If nobody showed up for these positions, the company would suffer serious damage. 

Make sure your day laborers understand how the work they do is essential to everyone’s success. Also, make sure your full-time employees understand the importance of day laborers. 

2) Make Work Dignified 

On the job, dignity is directly related to how you are treated, and obviously everyone deserved to be treated with respect.  

Dealing with difficult working conditions and unfamiliar personalities, day laborers must be hard-working, competent and adaptable. These workers can have a massive positive impact on the bottom line and should be treated as such. Looking down on these workers or other unprofessional behavior should never be tolerated. 

3) Prioritize Self-Determination 

Self-determination at work is defined by having some amount of freedom in deciding when and how you go about your job. Providing day laborers with as much autonomy as possible not only supports morale; it also gives them a sense of ownership and strong motivation to do a good job. 

4Strong Two-Way Communication 

If day laborers don’t receive clear communication, they aren’t going to be able to do their job well and morale will suffer as a result. Day laborers should clearly understand what they’re trying to accomplish and how their progress toward achieving success will be measured.  

Most businesses prioritize top-down internal communication, in which management passes information to workers, not vice versa. 

With two-way communication, you provide day laborers with the opportunity to express feedback and ideas, which can give them a feeling of belonging. The more they feel like a part of the team, the more they will give in return. 

5) Have a Strong Company Culture 

Given the fact that the laborers are with the company for an extremely short period of time, it might seem like giving them a sense of the company culture is a waste of time. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

When you spend 8 hours in a toxic culture, it can feel like 8 years. Make sure your day laborers are walking into a culture that makes them feel supported and understood.   

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