How to Start the Job Search During the COVID-19 Pandemic

New coverage on COVID-19 has been wall-to-wall, and although a massive part of the pandemic’s impact has been health-related – there’s also a business side. For people who find themselves in need of a new job, the task of finding one is especially daunting.

Whether you have a job or not right now, looking for work at the moment is complicated and challenging. Both individuals and businesses are making decisions based on the interest of health and productivity. This adds a significant degree of complexity to the already complicated job search process. If you’re struggling to find a new job right now, you ought to keep the following suggestions in mind.

Don’t Give Up

If you’re not getting responses from potential employers, it’s important to maintain some momentum by continuing to apply to jobs that suit your abilities and experience level. Understandably, many employers aren’t in a position to be highly responsive to job seekers right now. Some companies are still wading through issues like how much of their workforce must be working remotely.

The only thing you can do in this regard is to maintain a daily job search routine. Be sure to reward yourself for sticking to your routine.

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t done it already, make an effort to update your resume. Clear out anything that looks outdated or unnecessary. Because your resume should be customized for each application, your update process should focus on creating a ‘master copy’ that can be quickly updated to suit individual job postings.

When you apply to a job, read the posting and pull relevant keywords to insert into your resume and cover letter. Be sure both documents address the skills, experience and other requirements listed in the job posting.

Regularly Reevaluate Your Process

You should regularly reevaluate your job search process to ensure you aren’t wasting time and resources. If you aren’t getting any responses to your applications, you need to figure out why. Even if a company has changed its hiring strategy in the face of the pandemic, you should still be hearing from employers who want to keep in touch with good candidates.

Consider Freelance Gig Work

Freelance gig work is a great way to earn money right now, while gaining some useful experience.

Start looking for gig work as you would full-time work, by reaching out to your personal and professional networks. Another common sense first step is to search online. While a lot of employment sites like Indeed do feature gig work, there are also specialty platforms like Upwork.

You should also look at gig work apps. There are numerous work possibilities through online apps that let you sign up and start working right away, including apps for food delivery, grocery delivery and moving services.

We Can Help

At Nationwide Temporaries, we understand that these are challenging times and we don’t want job seekers to go it alone. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you with your job search.


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