How to Hire the Right Day Laborers 

For construction and other companies in need of a quick, temporary labor solution, day laborers offer an easy, low-commitment solution. 

Day laborers are prepared to start right away. Also, if a day laborer is not doing a good job, they can quickly be let go; no questions asked. 

Typically, day laborers handle difficult physical tasks. They should never be hired to work know to be harmful, such as asbestos removal with the proper gearAs with any other employeesday laborers are protected by all labor laws regarding health and safety. 

Why You Shouldn’t Hire off the Street 

For decades, companies looking to hire day laborers went to places in which they were known to congregate, such as community centers or home improvement stores. While it isn’t illegal, this practice does start to enter illegal grey area. For one thing, it has become illegal for wouldbe day laborers to congregate private property.  

Also, a potential employer risk hiring a day laborer who is unproductive, or even worse, dangerous. From the laborer’s point of view, there are no guarantees when it comes to everything from payment to working conditions. Furthermore, day laborers put themselves at risk when they let a stranger take them off the street. 

Seeing the risks for both companies and day laborers, employment companies have stepped into the breach and started specializing in day labor. However, some companies are still averse to using these staffing services, as they come for a fee. 

While eliminating the middleman and his fees may feel great, skipping out on services the staffing company provides is not so great. Day labor providers perform valuable services for their fees, one of which is handling risk. 

Why a Day Labor Provider Helps You Hire the Right People 

Day laborer providers essentially function as matchmaking services for companies and workers. These companies are not typically affiliated with government, though they must be licensed by the government. 

When working with a day labor provider, you should expect to pay fair, legal wages based on wage laws in your area. Additionally, the labor provider does charge a fee, but in return, the company provides a dependable, established system for acquiring talent. These companies have a track record of matching client needs with workers’ skills and character 

While you ought to expect most day laborers with a staffing company to have entry-level abilities, the odds are good that the company has access to laborers with specialized abilities, like the ability to install hardwood flooring, or perform electrical work. If you are in need of these kinds of specialized skills, a day labor provider will work to connect your company with individuals in its network who the skills you require. 

We Can Be Your Day Labor Provider 

At Nationwide Temporaries, we specialize in providing daylabor solutions. This means we have the network and experience to provide our clients with dependable, effective and skilled workers. Please contact us today to find out how we can provide day-labor services to your organization. 


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