Plan for Good Work-Life Balance In 2020

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Attaining a desirable work-life equilibrium is a continuous work-in-progress and it’s a very challenging one as well.

Work doesn’t stop at “quitting time” anymore. With the capacity to be connected 24/7 via smartphones and laptops, it’s easy to think an ideal work-life balance is impossible. Thankfully, it isn’t and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic has laid out some extremely helpful tips on work-life balance, which are listed below:

1. Know Your Limits

When you have to take on a ton of personal and professional responsibilities, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Eliminate or delegate responsibilities you can’t handle or aren’t in the best position to take care of personally. Talk about your issues and potential solutions relating to your personal and professional obligations with others. Also, manage household tasks efficiently, like making personal phone calls while doing laundry.

Do what has to be done each day, and leave the rest for another day.

2. Organize with Lists

If you’re not a ‘list person’ this tip might be hard for you, but just know that lists can make your life a lot simpler and easier, as a list is an easy way to visualize your responsibilities.

Jot down family occasions on a calendar and maintain a daily to-do list for both home and work. Using lists allows you to stay focused and motivated. When you don’t have a written plan, it’s easy to be drawn into the concerns of other people around you.

3. Get Comfortable with ‘No’

Some people have a way of trying to foist their responsibilities on to others, and while it’s always nice to help someone out, you need to say ‘no’ to people more than you say ‘yes’.

Whether it’s a colleague asking you to lead a minor project or your child’s teacher suggesting that you coordinate a class party, remember that it’s perfectly fine to respectfully decline. When you stop agreeing to responsibilities out of guilt or obligation, you’ll have more of your most precious personal resource: time.

4. Make Time to Disconnect

With the technology to communicate with almost anyone, anywhere and at any time, it’s hard to establish a boundary between work and personal life, unless you build it yourself. Make it a priority to separate work from personal life and you’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

5. Look into and Take Advantage of Work Flexibility Options

With many employees seeking greater control over their work-life balance, companies are increasingly offering things like flexible scheduling and telecommuting options. If your company doesn’t already offer it, ask about flexing your work hours, a short work week, telecommuting or other options. When you control your schedule, the less stressed you’ll be.

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