Hospitality Jobs You Overlooked

When most people think about working in hospitality, they typically think of some of the more obvious jobs, like chef or bartender.

However, the hospitality industry includes a wide array of employment opportunities. Below is a short list of hospitality positions you may have overlooked.

Pastry Chef

If you like sharing tasty breads or desserts that you’ve made, then working as a pastry chef might be an ideal career option. Creating professional quality baked goods requires an understanding behind the science of baking and artistic ability. Typically, those looking to pursue a career in pastry arts should enroll in culinary school. Formal education can provide the foundation required to succeed in this area of the hospitality industry.

With a mastery of essential abilities, you are in a position to work in a variety of setting, from baking artisanal breads in a local market to developing products for a large commercial bakery.

Restaurant Manager

Overseeing operations is one area of the hospitality industry that often goes overlooked. With work related to service (front of the house), food preparation (back of the house), a restaurant management position is a great choice for people with both solid business sensibility and a love of hospitality.

Front-of-house supervisors concentrate on the various elements of service, which involves managing service and bartending staff. They make certain that high customer service standards are maintained, and customers leave satisfied with their experience.

Back-of-house supervisors oversee all elements of food preparation, which includes managing cooking and dishwashing staff. These professionals are responsible for things like portion control, food quality and maintaining health and safety standards.

Most restaurant management jobs involve administrative responsibilities like staffing and scheduling. You might be accountable for hiring, training and ensuring adequate staffing levels are maintained. Some restaurant managers are responsible for ordering product, maintain inventory and costing out dishes, depending on the size of the operation and range of the role

Those looking to get into this area of hospitality should enroll in a restaurant management educational program.

Marketing/ PR

Those working in public relations for the hospitality industry are responsible for creating an attractive brand for a restaurant, hotel or other hospitality operations. The job can also involve managing a brand-related crisis incident. With greater than 1 million restaurants in the US, then need for public relations in this industry isn’t going anywhere.

This job involves being able to clients and potential customers, as well as the best media channels to use. For instance, some restaurants may want a tradition-based brand that is advertised in legacy media like print and radio ads, while other restaurants may want a modern brand that is mostly advertised over social media.

Public relations and marketing professionals in hospitality should have a solid knowledge of restaurant operations, as they may be responsible for designing menus and training staff on brand-related practices.

these professionals generally work for a hospitality-specific marketing company, as opposed to one individual restaurant. However, some large hospitality operations may have in-house positions.

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