Preventing Product Damage in Your Warehouse

Unfortunately, stock damage is inevitable in any warehouse operation, and it is the job of management to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum.

Minimizing product damage in a warehouse requires planning, training and effort. Below are a few specific ways your warehouse can keep a lid on product damage.

Communicate with Staff

Regularly communicate with your warehouse staff members on product damage risks and incidents, documenting essential information on incident report forms. Any details you can gather helps to paint a clear picture of the various issues related to product damage in your warehouse.

Hold Regular Training Sessions

Regular training sessions with workers should provide them with clear guidelines for handling stock in the most efficient and safest way possible. Regular training will remind employees of the procedures for properly and safely loading, stacking, and securing freight, and warn them of the dangers of unsecured cargo. Printed instructions handed out and displayed in visible areas around the warehouse can serve as helpful reminders.

Evaluate Layout and Make Necessary Changes

Regardless of whether you like your warehouse layout, or you’re resistant to change, you may want to consider changing the layout of your warehouse if your level of product damage is just too high.

Stock pallets and products based on weight and shape. When possible, keep heavier stock close to the front of the warehouse, and on lower shelves. This minimizes the effort required to handle and move these items. Conversely, lighter items can be kept in the back of the warehouse and on high shelves.

Think about your layout tactically and look for opportunity for increased safety and productivity.

Practice Good Housekeeping

Maintaining a clear, tidy, and clutter-free facility can reduce the danger of accidents and damaged inventory. Plastic wrap, large boxes, adhesive tape and wood chipped off of pallets are hazardous when left on the warehouse floor. Make certain that large bins are accessible and get staff members in the habit of picking up after they work.

Discourage Shortcuts

Completing a task quickly be cutting corners may be tempting but rushing and shortcuts tend to increase the risk of accidents. Containers should be adequately secure and product should be deliberately handled with care. Forklift drivers and warehouse staff should comply with the correct pallet handling methods and use the correct machinery for the task at hand.

Weatherproof Your Facility

It’s essential to safeguard your warehouse from wind, extreme temperatures, snow and rain, as a great deal of stock ends up damaged as a result of weather conditions. For instance, a leaky roof can make packaging soggy and unstable. Also, moisture getting through a package to the product itself it can ruin it.

Make sure your warehouse is able to handle extreme weather, using measure both inside and outside the facility.

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