How to Recruit the Best Day Laborers

Ever since ancient times, there has been a sizeable workforce looking to work on a day-by-day basis.

Day laborers have traditionally been associated with construction, but they can also be found in many other types of work, including auto repair, hospitality and many of the skilled trades.

While employing a full-time worker may be a tempting solution in some cases, it is a relatively pricey labor option, especially when you provide health insurance and other benefits. In addition to being a lower-cost option, a day labor approach has many other benefits, including significant labor availability and a broad range of available skills.

When you are planning to hire one or more day laborers for your company, there are a handful of approaches you may choose, depending on labor needs, location and the amount of time you are looking to retain day labor. A good technique to finding day laborers near you is to talk to people in your professional network, especially those in comparable industries.

Below are a few of the most popular ways to find and hire local day laborers.

Post Bulletins

Printing out and posting bulletins in areas that receive high foot traffic is a very effective way to attract day laborers. Try posting to all of the free bulletin boards in your area to catch the eye of a would-be day laborer and to have more control over the location from which your day labor comes.

Internet Job Boards

Posting to job boards on the internet is another effective approach to bringing in day laborers you need for your project. Websites like Craigslist and or social websites like Facebook are good locations for finding the best day labor candidates near you.

Day Laborer Center

Community centers and specific day labor centers are good locations for connecting to qualified day laborers. These centers are not necessarily focused on full-time work, per se. Instead, these organizations are primarily interested in temporary work or work on a per-day basis.

Day laborers have typically been hired on the street or in the parking lots of big box stores. A center specifically dedicated to supporting day laborer is a much more legitimate alternative to using these sites, particularly when it comes to employing people with the legal status to work in the country.

Temporary Agencies

While they often focus on longer terms of employment, some temporary agencies also offer day labor solutions for companies. Based on the kind of company, an employer may have the capability to select various day laborers to hire according to their particular skill sets and experience. Using the services of a temporary agency is a good way to educate yourself regarding the availability of day laborers in your area.

We Can Be Your Day Labor Solution

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