7 Skills Needed for a General Labor Position

In a construction setting, general laborers take care of a many different responsibilities that are physical in nature.

These workers are expected to work alongside skilled trade workers to contribute to various construction projects while keeping a clean work area. They may be tasked with setting up construction equipment and machinery for others to use.

General laborers are considered semi-skilled workers because they need relevant abilities to handle various responsibilities. Below are seven skills that you need to have if you want to be a general laborer:

1) Physical Ability

Construction is a very physical industry. If a construction candidate can’t lift heavy objects or perform other physical tasks, they may not be cut out for this position. A general laborer doesn’t have to be the strongest person, especially if they have other valuable abilities. However, it’s still critical to be capable of handling physical tasks.

2) General Construction Knowledge

It would be very difficult to walk on to a construction site and start working as a general laborer. While you don’t need a deep well of construction knowledge, it helps to have a basic understanding of some core principles.

There are numerous training courses and other learning opportunities that help people learn the technical abilities that are essential to general labor on a construction site.

3) Communication

Those who can effectively express concerns, questions and decisions will find general labor much easier than those who have poor communication skills. Written communication is equally as crucial as oral communication in this position, as general laborers often have to work with written instructions and documents.

4) Technical Skills

The modern general laborer ought to be comfortable with software, apps and electronic devices. General laborers that are confident with technology and who get the most out of it are highly valuable.

5) Critical Thinking

Critical thinking abilities are essential for any general laborer. This ability helps a worker determine when something doesn’t look right and identify approaches to fixing the situation. Critical thinking also helps prevent accidents by helping workers steer clear of dangerous situations.

6) Ability to Learn

General laborers who gravitate to learning new skills and techniques are always attempting to identify better ways of doing things, such as better approaches to staying within budget and on-deadline. When a team of workers all have good learning ability and the desire to learn, they are able to teach each other, making the entire crew more knowledgeable and effective.

7) Teamwork

Major construction projects require a team effort, and those who work well with others are effective general laborers. Good teamwork not only support productivity, it also helps to create a more enjoyable work environment.

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