Why Day Labor Jobs are so Attractive

Day Labor Jobs

Day labor is a work arrangement between an employer and employee on a day-to-day or per-project basis.

The day labor workforce serves as a critical resource in many areas, supplying valuable services various businesses. Most day laborers are hired for manual labor, ranging from construction projects to landscaping.

Day labor makes up a substantial part of the overall labor force in the United States. According to the National Day Labor Survey (NDLS), on any given day, more than 117,000 day laborers are working or trying to find work.

Traditionally, day laborers have found employment by congregating at informal hiring locations, like in front of community centers or in parking lots of home improvement stores. But now, employers can find day labor through specialized staffing companies that provide it.

In addition to being better for employers, this more above-board approach to finding day labor makes the temporary work arrangement more accessible to workers. Below are compelling reasons you should consider taking a day labor job.

A Mental Boost

If you’ve been unemployed for a long period of time, working a day labor job can provide major psychological benefits. A day labor job, even if it’s not on a career path, can break up the bad feelings that can come with being unemployed.

A Foot in the Door

Employers are desperate for good workers and the best employers don’t care where good workers come from. If you can make a good impression with a day labor job, it can be a foot in the door to working with the employer on a more permanent basis.

New Skills and Experience

When you work any kind of job, you pick up skills and experience. Even if you are using skills you already have in a day labor job, you can refine that skills and learn how to use them more efficiently.

New Contacts

Working a day labor job allows you to meet new people, and as they say, life isn’t about what you know, it’s about who you know. The contact you make performing day labor can open all kinds of doors.

Let Nationwide Temporaries Find Day Labor Work for You

At NWT, we have the expertise to connect you to day labor opportunities that fit your needs. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you, or visit our job board to see what’s available right now.



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