How Does a Reliable Worker Act Every Day?

Technical skills are great, but even the most skilled worker in the world is useless if they aren’t reliable.

Reliable employees are worth their weight in gold, and as such they are highly sought after by employers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pin down what reliability looks like in the workplace. In the hiring process, or even after the worker has been with you for a few days, look for the following signs of reliability:

Work Ethic

Probably the most obvious indicator of reliability in an employee, work ethic is driven by a desire to take pride in your work. Reliable employees make it a point to work as hard or harder than those around them.


One of the top things that companies say they want in employees is punctuality.

When someone is five minutes late coming in every day and five minutes late coming back from lunch, it starts to translate to hours of lost time and other employees picking up the slack. Employees who are chronically late have a cumulative negative impact on both productivity and morale.


Employers can invest all kinds of resources into employee training, but if employees can’t be counted on to deliver results – all of those resources go to waste. Dependable workers may not be standout performers, but they do provide quality results, day-in and day-out.


Some people may see driven employees as people who need constant upward mobility, who aren’t satisfied working in a single job for very long. While driven employees may want to advance, those who are driven and reliable want to learn and thrive in the position they currently hold.

Desire to Learn

Technology in every industry is constantly evolving, and a result – learning is a necessity in today’s workplace. Those who do not have a desire to learn news skills and update their old skills are a liability.

Good Communication

Most jobs involve some degree of teamwork, making good communication essential to success. Reliable employees strive to avoid communication breakdowns and even put considerable thought into how they communicate with others.

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