Get Paid Today as a Day Laborer

Day laborers are employed and get paid on a day-to-day basis. Finding a day labor job can be difficult but staffing agencies have started to provide day labor solutions that meet all legal and regulatory guidelines. If you are looking to make money as a day laborer, working with a staffing agency that specializes in this kind of employment is the safest way to go.

Legal Protections

Even though day laborers are employed on a day-to-day basis, they still enjoy all the legal protections of employment under US law.

For instance, if you are hurt on the job, an employer may be accountable for your medical care, any lost wages and job rehabilitation. Many employers who employ day laborers do not pay into workers’ compensation insurance for them, however, if you are employed through an employment firm, the company may be accountable for paying workers’ compensation on your behalf.

Getting Paid

Pay for day labor is very much based on where you are located and the type of work. A good rule of thumb is to ask the people in your network if they have been paid for comparable work. You can also research pay rates online. The payment conditions are generally reliant on the project and the labor included. For instance, a job being done by a skilled trade worker might involve a pre-negotiated price for the entire job, while work performed by an unskilled worker is paid out at an hourly rate.

When paying on an hour-by-hour or day-by-day basis, an employer is often concerned that laborers will waste time to earn money while doing minimal work, businesses address this issue by having supervision present at worksites, either the entire time or during periodic check-ins.

As a day laborer, you should ensure both you and your prospective employer are on the same page as it relates to job duties and payment terms. You ought to expect a written contract laying out all the conditions. This way you have legal recourse if the conditions are broken.

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