What’s the Best Way to Find a Day Laborer?

Day laborers are an effective quick-fix to address a labor shortage, but there have always been challenges related to their hiring.

The demand for a day laborer can be very time-sensitive and, consequently, there can be a rush to find workers. This often leaves little time for proper background checks or vetting processes. Furthermore, some people looking to work as a day laborer are not allowed to legally work in the United States.

Consider the following ways to locate legal day laborers:

Day-Labor Staffing Companies

In the past, the predominant method for recruiting day laborers was to drive to a local hardware store, where day laborers tended to congregate. This practice had its benefits, but it always existed in a gray area, where illegal labor could thrive.

Day-labor staffing companies take the legal questions out of the equation by connecting companies to vetted workers who are legally allowed to work in the United States. When a company uses a day-labor staffing solution, it can feel confident about the people it brings onto the work site.

Plus, not all day laborers blue collar – day labor can include banquet servers, cafeteria workers, custodial workers and more. Using a staffing agency will help you find the day laborers you need, regardless of your industry.

Online Platforms

Businesses can use smartphone apps and online staffing platforms to locate day laborers. The process can be simple: Just log on and post a description of the role, including details on compensation, work hours and job location. Good quality staffing platforms will be capable of providing candidates based on qualifications, such as skills and experience. Some platforms permit previous employers to rate day laborers, and some have vetting measures, to some degree.


Even though day laborers are temporary hires, it is still essential for them to fit in with existing team members. One of the most basic, yet effective, ways to ensure fit with the existing team is to turn to full-time employees. Employee referrals could be part of an official program that includes incentives, or they could simply come from asking if anyone knows day laborers looking for work. Obviously, incentives provide better return if the day laborer in question has valuable skills or stick with your company long-term.

Let Nationwide Temporaries Take the Complexities Out of Day Labor!

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