Don’t Burn Bridges! Learn How to Quit the Right Way

If you’ve just landed a new job, then congratulations are in order. You have the exciting opportunity to start fresh while making connections that could carry your career forward. However, before you start down this new path to success, you have to find a way of exiting the old one with grace. Read on for Nationwide Temporaries’ tips on quitting your job with without burning any bridges.

Give Appropriate Notice

One of the biggest mistakes employees can make is failing to give sufficient notice when exiting a job. If you leave your old company in the lurch, they might be unwilling to recommend you to future employers. Just because you have a new position now doesn’t mean you won’t be re-launching your job search in the future, and you want to make sure your old contacts have only positive things to say.

Don’t Take Anything When You Go

Employees who are on their way out the door have a bad habit of seeking out parting gifts. Along with stealing office supplies like pens and notepads, some exiting workers try to take along clients and customers. Still others attempt to poach their colleagues, bringing them along to the new position. Unfortunately, stealing anything from your old office can have disastrous effects and even leave you open to legal consequences; for best results, avoid taking anything with you when you go.

Ask About References

These days, few people stay at jobs their entire careers, and there’s nothing wrong with leaving a position for better things. However, if you plan to use your old employer as a reference, it pays to give them a heads up first. The last thing you want is someone calling your former boss for a reference he or she doesn’t feel comfortable providing.

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