Protect Your Workers from These Common and Expensive Injuries

Workplace injuries and accidents are at the top of the list of concerns for every employer. Injuries cost US companies an astounding amount – $170 billion annually – in workers’ compensation according to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. About 3 million US employees are injured each year, with the level of injuries and illnesses regularly the highest among small and mid-sized businesses.

In a recent five-year study conducted by the insurance company, Travelers, leading causes for injury were ‘handling materials’ (32 percent), ‘slips or falls’ (16 percent) and ‘being struck or colliding with an object’ (10 percent). The study also looked at what injuries were most frequent, what caused them and how much they cost an employer.

Referring to the picking up, lowering, filling, emptying or moving of objects, the handling materials category caused a wide range of injuries, including strains, cuts, contusions or fractures. While these kinds of injuries may be associated with construction or heavy industry, the study found manufacturing and retail actually had more injuries related to material handling than any other industry.

Sprains, fractures or punctures were found to be among the most standard injuries, more serious injuries like amputations (costing an average of more than $102,000), dislocation ($97,000), electric shock ($55,000) and multiple traumas ($50,000) were among the most expensive kinds of injuries.

The average injury is still very costly. Occurrences of sprains and strains, for instance, could set a company back around $17,000. A fracture could cost $42,400.

The following injuries are prevalent in today’s workforce and can cost your business several thousand dollars.

Workplace Violence

Attacks brought on by workplace arguments have led to severe physical injuries. Workplace violence awareness training and worker diligence in catching red flags can help keep these incidents under control.

Repetitive Motion

This kind of workplace injury is one of those that is less apparent but is certainly harmful in the long run. Repetitive motions can cause strained muscles and tendons that lead to chronic pain. The use of ergonomic equipment may help minimize these kinds of incidents.

Vehicle Accidents

Workers who drive for company purposes tend to be injured in auto accidents more than other employees. However, employers should be concerned about the safety of employee’s commute and driving on company property. Safe-driver training and safe-driving policies are effective measures in reducing accidents.

Machine Entanglement

This kind of injury generally happens in a factory where heavy equipment and machinery are being used. Clothing, fingers and hair can all get caught up in mechanical equipment, especially when no precaution is taken. Personal protective equipment and safety guidelines key to steering clear of these kinds of incidents.

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