Is Your Company Suffering from Low Worker Satisfaction Rates?

“I can’t get no satisfaction” might be a great Rolling Stones lyric, but you don’t want it becoming a popular refrain among your employees.

High morale has been linked to greater productivity, better interpersonal relationships, higher retention and better job performances. Conversely, low worker morale can hold a company back from reaching business goals; and it can also result in low productivity, greater worker turnover, and lower profits.

Supervisors can learn to identify possible issues with worker morale and take care of them before the issue fuels a mass exodus of good workers. There are many low worker morale signs you should know. Any of the following signs can be an indication that worker morale is low and needs support:

Shifts in Attitudes

If you have frustrated staff members on your team, it will show. Try to spot red flags – greater negativity, high rates of absenteeism, decreased cooperation or less commitment to team goals.

A Hyperactive Rumor Mill

When there is a lack of communication from leadership, misinformation and gossip will flourish.

Doing the Bare Minimum

Uninspired staff members go through the motions as opposed to taking a pro-active approach to their jobs.

Mountains Out of Molehills

When people are frustrated or unhappy, they tend to make a big deal out of small, inconsequential things. A pattern of this across your staff is a big red flag.

Ways to Address Low Satisfaction

A knee-jerk reaction to low worker morale might be handing out more cash incentives or throwing regular pizza parties at lunchtime. While these measures can’t hurt, they don’t address the root cause of low worker satisfaction. Addressing low morale starts with awareness. Regularly checking in with employees will allow you to gauge worker morale and discuss budding issues.

It is also essential to support employee initiatives. Foster a culture where people are recognized for showing leadership and solving challenges in creative ways. Steer clear of penalizing sensible risk taking, especially when it’s done to discover new solutions. Empowering employees will boost worker morale at your business and allow your staff members to prosper as professionals.

Be sure to celebrate accomplishments. When your staff members put in more effort, show appreciation relative to the achievement. Recognizing achievements lets staff members see how the company values hard work.

Finally, don’t overload staff members with too much work. Work overload can result in frustration, which leads to lower quality and productivity. Always be assessing expectations of staff members to make certain they are being challenges, but not burned-out. Offer valuable training and career development opportunities to help staff members grow into a larger role in their chosen line of work.

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