What is the Most Important PPE for Construction Workers?

Construction regularly ranks as one of the most dangerous industries. With so many hazards at a typical worksite, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the first line of defense for construction worker safety.

PPE is intended to minimize exposure to various risks and the damage potentially brought on by those hazards. It’s critical that employees use PPE that is correctly fitted. Each item should fit securely without leading to discomfort or restricted mobility.

Each construction site and job ought to be assessed for specific risks and appropriate PPE to mitigate those risks. Read below to discover which PPE is most important for your workers.

Hard Hats

Perhaps the most crucial kind of PPE in the construction industry is the hard hat. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers Type I and Type II hard hats. Type I hats have met strict vertical impact and penetration guidelines, while Type II hats have met vertical and lateral impact, as well as penetration guidelines and have a liner made of expanded polystryrene.

Steel-Toe Boots

Steel-toe boots are also a critical piece of PPE for people on construction sites. Also referred to as safety boots, steel-toe boots have a protective steel reinforcement at the front of the boot. These boots are highly-effective at protecting feet and toes from kicking hard surfaces and falling objects.

Work Gloves

Various kinds of work gloves are well-suited to work on a typical construction site. For instance, there are heavy-duty leather and canvas gloves for guarding against cuts, welding gloves for welders, rubber gloves for concrete work, insulated gloves electrical work and chemical-resistant gloves for using caustic chemicals.

Face/Eye Protection

Safety glasses should be worn on most construction sites and face shields ought to be worn during specialized work that can involve flying debris, dust or splashing chemicals. In addition to basic safety glasses and face shields, there is also specialized face protection such as welding shields.

Fall Protection

In some types of construction jobs and duties, a system to protect from falls is essential PPE that really should not be overlooked. Statistics indicate that hundreds of construction employees die from fall injuries each year. Fall protection systems can prevent these deaths by stopping falls in the first place.

Work-related falls are normally categorized as either ‘same level’ or from an ‘elevated level’. Same-level falls, as the name indicates, happen when an employee falls onto the same level that they were on, while elevated-level falls happen when an employee falls to a lower surface. Same-level falls are more common, but elevated-level falls have a greater risk of severe injury.

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