Four Places to Find the Best Day Laborers

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Being able to source high-quality day laborers once they are needed can be a big boost for any project.

Day laborers are typically used to do a range of tasks, including transporting materials and various kinds of construction work. Day laborers can also support skilled workers, like carpenters or plumbers, by assisting with unskilled tasks.

While day laborers can have a big impact on productivity, there have always been risks associated with hiring them. The need for day labor is typically time-sensitive and, consequently, sourcing day laborers can a rushed process with mixed results.

If your company is currently looking for day laborers, consider the following four places to find them:

1.      Pick up areas

For decades, employers looking for fast, cheap labor have been going to day laborer pick-up areas. Community centers and even the parking lots of local hardware stores have long been places where day laborers congregate.

A massive drawback with this approach is an inability to check if someone can work in the United States legally. The federal government regularly cracks down on employers using illegal immigrant labor and penalties can range from fines to long-term incarceration.

2.      Online staffing solutions

In recent years, the internet has changed the game: Employers no longer have to drive around looking to pick up day laborers. Online staffing platforms have made finding these workers much easier.

To use an online platform for day laborers, all you have to do is log on and post a description of what the job entails, including information on compensation, hours, and location. The best online staffing platforms will rapidly identify suitable applicants based on skills and experience.

3.      Referrals

One of the easiest ways to find high-quality day laborers is to leverage employee referrals. While it doesn’t make much financial sense to reward staff members who refer people for day labor, encouraging the practice by just asking your employees can produce results.

It might make more sense to reward employees who refer day laborers that stick with the company for an extended period.

4.      Nationwide Temporaries

At Nationwide Temporaries, we provide our clients with fast, high-quality and legal day labor solutions. If your company regularly employs day laborers, contact us today to find out how we can make the process much, much easier.



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