Why Working With a Temp Agency to Find Day Laborers Is Easier for You

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Day laborers perform work for a company or individual for one day at a time and are generally given an hourly or daily rate. Day laborers may be undocumented immigrants who cannot get a full-time job, unemployed people looking to make money or students trying to locate temporary work.

Although the issue of sourcing and paying a day laborer may seem simple, there are multiple critical things to think about. Many businesses are now finding that going through a temporary agency to locate day laborers is easier than going it alone. Agencies are a solid option if you would rather not handle the hiring and payment tasks yourself. Getting day laborers through an agency means you pay the company rather than the laborer directly.

If you are thinking about not using an agency, consider the following.

You must determine your need

First and foremost, determine your labor needs based on the work you would like done and how rapidly you want it completed. Determining need is important because it may have an impact on the pay rate(s) you are prepared to offer.

You must follow labor laws

Despite the fact that day laborers are generally not members of worker organizations or unions, you are still bound by federal, state and local laws to provide fair pay and good working conditions. You should check the Department of Labor website to ensure your pay rate satisfies or exceeds the national minimum wage.

Bear in mind you must pay a day laborer for work performed, whether you are satisfied with the results. Neglecting to do so is a violation of federal labor laws. If training or substantial travel is necessary for the day laborer to work the position, you must compensate the employee for their time.

You must determine a pay rate

Before hiring a day laborer, have a particular rate of pay in mind; an hourly rate, daily rate or a per-project rate. Prior to agreeing to work for you, many day laborers will want to understand what the position entails and how much they will be paid.

You will also have to take into account how long you expect the job to take and the difficulty of the work being done. You must also ensure the person you hire understands and agrees to the pay rate, so there are no later disagreements.

You must know day laborers’ rights

Be conscious of and abide by the legal rights that protect day laborers. If you have questions regarding what day laborers are lawfully eligible for, check the Department of Labor website. Laborers’ rights include the rights to organize, earn a fair wage, be free from discrimination, work in safe conditions and remain silent about their immigration status.

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