Why Are Construction Workers So Happy?

Construction Workers

The construction and facility service industries have the happiest workers, on average, in the United States, according to a survey by the HR software company TINYpulse.

Based on responses from more than 30,000 workers at more than 500 companies across 12 different industries, the TINYpulse survey found consumer products, technology and software industries also tend to have very happy employees.

One likely reason why construction workers are so happy is the recent building boom. At the bottom of the Great Recession in 2010, construction investments were just under $720 billion, or 4.9 percent of GDP. In 2017, investments were at nearly $1.1 trillion, or 6 percent of GDP.

This increase in spending has led to more job opportunities and upward pressure on industry salaries – both of which can lead to happier workers.

A team-oriented, supportive industry culture

Macroeconomic factors aren’t the only reason construction workers are among the happiest workers in America. The TINYpulse survey also found the happiest employees tended to attribute their satisfaction to supportive colleagues, rating them 8.5 out of 10 for their positive influence.

This supportive atmosphere in the construction industry apparently exists in spite of, or perhaps because of, the fact that it includes people from almost every walk of life. Many individuals in the industry may have nothing in common besides the work they do, and yet this is enough to connect people and increase their shared job satisfaction.

Some inside the construction industry attribute the high level of job satisfaction to the bonding that occurs during a long hard day at the job site, and at the local bar afterwards. Insiders say post-work happy hours are effective for forging tight bonds and hashing out disagreements in a constructive way.

What makes an employee happy

The TINYpulse survey also looked into the drivers of workplace satisfaction and found three main issues getting in the way of job satisfaction: unsupportive supervisors, inadequate resources and a lack of growth opportunities. Almost half of respondents said a bad relationship with their manager contributed to their job dissatisfaction.

Even though many manufacturing facilities are well-lit, clean and technical environments, the industry did not rank high in the TINYpulse survey. The president of one facility that did get high marks in the survey suggested others in the industry could increase job satisfaction by routinely getting employee input on major decisions and following up on employee suggestions.

While there may be a significant lack of growth opportunities in other industries, the construction industry, which includes many skilled trade workers, has many long-standing coaching and career-building programs for workers to use. Apprenticeships in the skilled trades also give construction industry workers a chance to gain skills, get experience and network in a way than isn’t possible in other industries.

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