What are the Best Jobs for Day Laborers?

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People looking for work today often find that a day labor job can be a fantastic way to make ends meet.

Day labor jobs are abundant and there’s a wide variety of jobs to pick from. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that most day labor jobs are manual labor positions, which includes painting, construction, demolition and landscaping work.

One of the benefits associated with being a day laborer is having the opportunity to have a wide variety of different jobs, which keeps each day interesting.

If you’re looking to find day labor jobs, take the following steps:

1) Visit or call local day labor agencies. Before settling on an agency, compare any benefits and the positions available at each agency.

2) Fill out the necessary application and submit it with government-issued photo identification and proof of employment eligibility. A professional resume can help you land the kinds of day labor jobs that you want.

3) Complete a job interview with an agency representative. Interview questions are typically designed to find out the kinds of jobs that match your abilities. Depending upon the day labor agency, you may also be asked to take an abilities assessment test to confirm any technical skills. As soon as your job abilities are verified, your name is put into the agency’s worker database.

4) Call or visit the day the agency each day to learn about potential job assignments. Waiting for the agency to notify you could mean missing out on the best day labor job opportunities. Also, some agencies post new available positions on their website.

At Nationwide Temporaries, we connect hard-working folks with well-paying day labor jobs. If you’re currently looking for day labor work, please contact us today.



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